Friday, November 21, 2008

1st Post Celebrates Holiday Season

Welcome to the Shenandoah Vineyard's Blog. We will strive to keep you up to date on activities and events at the winery, and in the local region. The winery will be part of the "Deck the Halls" weekends event, the last two weekends of November and the 1st weekend of December, 2008.

Customers will receive special gifts from each of the participating businesses. Shenandoah Vineyards will allow customers to pick from a variety of Christmas ornaments (some pictured above) designed and hand-painted by the owner's granddaughter, Tori Veach.

We also have our "Christmas Open House," held the 1st weekend in December, 2008.

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shenandoah vineyards said...

Thanks for the offer, but the blog is a one-person operation. The service is provided free from Google, and the writing and photography are done at home; not on company time. The winery spends no money on this endeavor.