Sunday, September 13, 2009

Harvest Festival Report

Happy faces of the winery staff, vendors, musicians and most importantly the guests, confirm the Harvest Festival was a success. First, a few pictures;

These pictures show some of the crowd gathered to watch and judge the grape stomping contest. I apologize for so few pictures, but I was kinda busy having fun giving tours and seminars inside the winery. We cleared a big open space in the winery where 50 people could sit at tables and get acquainted with the winery operation, and get helpful hints for appreciating wine. There was also plenty of room to stand when the crowd grew large. Ken Stone, a guitarist from Crystal City, VA, also entertained in the cellar space.

Immediately outside the cellar, the band, Nodrama, rocked the crowd. They're due credit for a tireless performance that energized the crowd throughout the day. They also provided the short musical interludes for the grape stomping contest. Many thanks.

Weather was cool, partly cloudy and breezy, typical for late summer. Kids didn't escape the fun. There was a children's tent with Italian ice, popcorn and facepainting, as well as llamas for petting and horses and ponies for riding.

Judging from the many thanks given to the winery staff by guests we think the festival went well. Afterward, the winery owner, Emma Randel, and her family provided the traditional after-festival supper for workers and volunteers. We're already discussing ways of making the next Harvest Festival every bit as fun and successful as the last.

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