Sunday, October 4, 2009

Autumn Foliage Watch #1

Autumn is the busiest season for the winery. Many of our customers are in the region to enjoy the colorful display of fall foliage. To facilitate your leaf-peeping desires, we will provide a window showing the progress of autumn color. As of Oct. 4, green still predominates. Virginia Creeper is turning red, and Black Walnut is beginning to turn yellow as seen in the picture. Golden-yellow early morning sun splashes gold across the foliage just beginning to change color. River mist blankets the base of Massanutten Mountain. Photograph is the vineyard from the sale's room deck. As with all the pictures in this blog, the photo enlarges when you click on it.

The nearby GW National Forest is a prime area to see glorious autumn colors. The Lee Ranger District has a webpage devoted to fall colors; See:
Why Leaves Change Color.

Harvest is in full swing. We have finished picking the white grapes and will begin picking reds this week. We'll finish the harvest after the Cabernet Sauvignon is picked within 2 weeks. Will try to snap a picture or two if I get the chance...

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