Sunday, July 12, 2009

Country Cookout July 11, 2009

Here's a review of the 2009 Country Cookout event. The cookout was successful enough that a decision has already been made to continue it into the future. Although we did get a good storm early in the day, the evening weather was delightful with a comfortable warm breeze, and the grounds were dry.

Food was plentiful and fitting for a picnic in the country; Pork barbecue on bun, chicken kabobs, and various summertime side-dishes. Ice tea was a welcome refreshment. Dessert was ice cream on cherry cobbler. Sweet, cool watermelon wedges were a reminder that this was a summer meal.

The band kept the evening lively, and had guests mixing it up on the dance floor. Show consisted of popular '70s covers. The pace and excitement of the music continued to build as the evening progressed, reaching a fairly loud crescendo by the end of the event at 11 PM. We had a friendly visit from a county deputy sheriff. The band was packing their equipment when he arrived. He said there was a complaint about the noise. Seeing the show had ended, the deputy said he didn't see a problem, and told us to have a good evening.

Photo shows band and guests near the dance floor during early evening. Tables near the band, and on the two decks were the most popular. Although the winemaker was present for questioning in the wine cellar, only a few guests took advantage of the opportunity. Most guests remained outdoors enjoying the beautiful evening.

We welcome recommendations for making these events more popular and successful in the future. Please don't be shy. Let's get some back-and-forth happening on this blog.

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