Saturday, July 18, 2009

Photographing the Vineyard

We had a good thunderstorm Friday, July 17. I had things to do at the winery Saturday morning, and had my camera as I always do. Opportunity presents itself to those who are ready for it, and the morning was as picturesque as any I've seen. Cameras can capture many things. The beauty of a rural landscape is a frequent occurrence at the vineyard, and can be a rich reward for the photographer willing to greet the sunrise.

I drove out to this point in the vineyard. It is block#3 (red and white hybrids), adjacent to the entrance to the vineyard. I hopped into the back of my pickup and set the camera and small tripod on the roof of the truck. The shot was taken almost directly into the sun, and shows block#4 (Seyval) behind the lens flair.

This photo is taken from the exact same spot as the 1st photo, but I swung the camera around to photograph the winery in bright, low-angle morning light. Vineyard block#3 is in the foreground, block#2 (Chardonnay and Riesling) is below the Black Walnut tree in the center of the photo. Block#1 (mostly Cabernet Sauvignon) can be seen behind the winery building.

The photo above was taken from the top deck of the winery. In the foreground is block#2, in the distance is block#3 where I took the two pictures preceding this one. If you imagine a pickup truck in the middle of the top vineyard block, beneath the two towers, that's where I was to take the 1st two photos. Morning is a beautiful time to photograph landscapes. Customers should come out early and check it out.

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