Saturday, November 6, 2010

Autumn Watch #4 - At Least The Grass Is Still Green

This is where we are now. Many of the trees have lost their leaves, although the oaks are persistently  and courageously clinging to their foliage.  There is still abundant foliage on the oaks in the National Forest, but it is the more subdued shades of browns and tans, with some bright spots of orange-brown here and there.

At least the grass is still green in the vineyard. The verdant green of the ground cover is a vivid contrast to the tan and falling leaves of the vines. End-posts of the Riesling rows are a keyboard along the top of the hill, at the ready to play melodies sweet and ethereal. An Eastern Red Cedar is the focal point on the steep hill visible as you drive to and from the winery.

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