Monday, November 8, 2010

Autumn Watch #5 - Moving It Indoors (Brrr...)

It's getting less fun outdoors with temperatures dropping. It was decided to put this post under "Autumn Watch" because it uses things previously listed in this category. And, there is the added benefit it is made in the cozy indoors.

The picture shows wild mushroom ragu paired with Shenandoah Ruby wine and pineapple chunks. Wild Meadow Mushrooms were picked from the vineyard and dried. (See: Autumn Watch#1) Recipe also uses red wine and file. We used 3/4 bottle Shenandoah Ruby for the red wine, and fresh, young, green sassafras leaves, dried and finely ground, to make the file. Click here for the wild mushroom ragu recipe.

We could've gone all out in preparing an Appalachian meal by using acorn flour to make homemade pasta, and local goat cheese as a topping, and maybe stewed local apples or persimmons as a side dish, but there's a limit to the amount of work needed to keep it regional and local. The ragu was delicious and rich. Too rich for some people's taste, and there are those who reject wild mushrooms in any shape or manner. The wine of course paired perfectly, as it was used as an ingredient in the ragu.

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