Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rebel Red Unleashed

Rebel Red was bottled and released May 8, 2010, just in time for Mother's Day. Number of cases bottled was 460. Customers were anxious to taste the new bottling, and did not hesitate to give grief to the winemaker during the couple weeks they were forced to go without the wine.

The photo shows a thank-you note and photograph from a much appreciative group. The out-of-town group visits the winery annually while staying the weekend in a cabin in Fort Valley. We are happy to be a part of their gathering while they make a ruckus on the top deck. The winemaker is wiping sweat off his brow, relieved to provide the necessary ingredient for the group's happiness.

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Hi all! How nice, Yes we are still enjoying our Rebel Red down here in Florida, Thanks again for always providing us with a memorable part of our trips! LOL Rick and Michele Rohrmann