Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stoney Creek Planning

These photos, diagrams and comments are being posted to aid planning at our Stoney Creek Vineyard. Photographs can be enlarged by clicking on them. Removal of a section of vineyard with less-than-ideal soil and climate conditions is being considered.

In discussing end-post configuration, consideration is being given to setting end-posts at a 60 degree angle from the slope of the terrain. If the terrain has varying degrees of slope, this will result in posts having variable lean with respect to one another. The top diagram shows an exaggerated example of the phenomenon. A fixed degree of angle from vertical will correct the problem, e.g. 30 degrees from vertical. The bottom diagram shows end-posts set 0 degrees from vertical, the more traditional method of setting posts.

Line-posts to be removed and replaced by end-posts are marked with ribbon. This is looking across the rows. Area to be removed is about 3 acres, running from the marked line-posts, across the vineyard to roughly the edge of shadow, then left at row #32. Terrain topography is indicated by the relative difference in post elevation seen in the photograph. The shadowed area in the foreground is a frost pocket with relatively low-lying topography.

End-post and anchor-post have been pulled to show depth of burial (~3 ft.). Anchor-post is half a full post cut diagonally to allow additional height. One 8' post yields two anchor posts. Because of the diagonal cut, each anchor-post is approximately 4 1/2' in length.

Photo showing end-post configuration consisting of end-post, anchor-post and wiring. Plans are to move these posts uphill, shortening the rows and removing section of vineyard subject to frost damage.

This photo is taken from the top of row #32, last row to be shortened, looking down toward vineyard area to be removed. Slope in the foreground is very visible. Posts make visible topography of the terrain. Broad, low, flat area lying at the foot of the hill is a frost pocket, subject to spring frosts occurring after bud break. The low area also has poor drainage, with developing sinkholes and damp soil. Other areas of the vineyard have good slope, good air drainage and better soil conditions.

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