Sunday, May 30, 2010

Spring Watch May 30, 2010 - Spring Edges Into Summer

This is likely the last of the Spring Watch series for 2010. In the nearby National Forest one is able to escape the mechanical noise and technological intrusions that hound and haunt modern life. Nature is a place of quiet sounds (rustling leaves and trickling water), fresh scents of wildflower and pine and dappled sunlight spilling and splashing through thick green canopies.

As promised, the photos show Mountain Laurel, found growing along stream beds, and the ravines where water courses down the mountainsides. The ones pictured are the whiter shades, will add a shot of the pinker if I get the chance...

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Anonymous said...

We did a tasting over July 4th weekend and so enjoyed it! And later that evening, so enjoyed the bottles we bought! :-) Great blog too - love the beautiful nature photos and interesting info!